Leaner, Faster Publications with Flipbooks v10

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Today we’re thrilled to announce that Flipbooks Desktop V10 will be released soon. The primary focus for this release of Flipbooks has been reducing size and load times of your digital editions, while maintaining a high page quality.

A question ...

Flipbooks Online Update: Password Protection is Here!

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Great news! With the latest update to our online platform you can now password protect your Flipbooks. This means that your publications will be secure online and only specified readers will have access to your content. Enable one password for all of your viewers to use or assign usernames and password specific to each of your viewers.

Simply sign into Flipbooks Online to see this brand-new feature in action!

How to password protect your Flipbooks

Adding a single password to your document for ...

Text selection comes to Flipbooks

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Text selection in action

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Flipbooks 9.2.

Our core focus for this release has been enhancing how your audience interacts with your content, specifically with a set of tools and features for publication text.

Search result highlighting

While text search is a standard feature across all Flipbooks, highlighting words on the ...

How you can Improve the Content Experience for your Customers with Digital Publications

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Digital marketing is not about selling your product anymore. For customers, it’s about the whole experience.

The content experience showcases an interactive environment that both you and your customers can enjoy.

The buyer’s experience with your company online will impact their future actions. Therefore, the digital experience you provide them with should be entertaining, interactive and easy to both access ...

Customer Success Story: ‘Alianz’ and how their Digital Experience with 3D Issue’s Flipbooks Improved Interactions within the School Community

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‘Alianz’ is a private, mixed school in Mexico that has 10 years experience in teaching and nourishing the development of students. This campus of more than 6 hectors has the aim to attend to all of their students ranging from 3-18. They try to provide their students with the best opportunities available to them which is why the school is very involved in all ...

How to Add Interactive Surveys and Animated Maps to your Digital Magazines with 3D Issue.

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3D Issue take pride in their digital publishing platforms as they provide users with a life-like experience through the use of interactive features.

We have given our users the opportunity to independently customize and personalize their content and showcase it in their own way. This includes the layout, brand image, color scheme and the addition of embedding ...

Coming Soon: New Highlighting Feature Added as part of the Latest 3D Issue 9.2 Flipbook Enhancements

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At 3D Issue we are always looking into new features and enhancements that will create better performing Flipbooks for our customers. With the upcoming launch of Version 9.2, 3D Issue is excited to announce the addition of several new features.

The Highlight Feature

The highlight tool has been a highly requested feature. It will give your readers the opportunity to get more out of your ...

Customer Success Stories with 3D Issue: ‘QTALK’ and their Experience Expanding their Products by Going Digital

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Company using digital publications for greater business opportunities

What is QTalk?

QTalk is a language learning method based on a series of icons which can be used to interpret full sentences that may be complex to understand in another language. It contains visual cues that allows students to speak which helps to undergo active participation ...

10 Ways Digital Publications Can Help You Generate Revenue

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Female using her digital devices to increase revenue through content marketing

Can I help my business generate more revenue through the use of digital Publications?

The answer is yes but it depends on the publishing software you choose.

 The majority of us need to find a way to ...

How Caesars Palace used FlipBooks to attract more attention digitally and increase customer interaction.

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Caesars Entertainment is an internationally known casino entertainment company that first opened in 1966 with the opening of the Caesar Palace. It was founded on providing it’s customers with outstanding services with excellent products and entertainment for their guests.

They have more than 20 nationwide destinations that offer 42,000 guest rooms and 1.9 million square feet of space. ...

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