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Browse through some of our customers' publications to get some inspiration and see how businesses are using interactive elements and engaging their audience.
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Hosted or Self-hosted

We provide two solutions with the same subscription, Flipbooks Online and Flipbooks Desktop.

While the two solutions result in the same HTML5 publications, they serve different use-cases. Flipbooks Desktop allows you to host publications on your own existing hosting and performs the conversion on your own Windows or Mac computer. Flipbooks Online runs in the cloud and all publications created with it are hosted in the 3D Issue cloud hosting.

Flipbooks Desktop
Available for PC & Mac
Flipbooks Online
Works on web browsers
Cloud Hosting
Branding & Design
PDF Authoring

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What do our customers have to say ?

" I couldn't recommend the 3D Issue team more highly. They quickly felt like an extension of my team and worked to very tight deadlines to pull off a site, ezine and app for us. I was so impressed I'm now working with them so we can continue using their products as a regular channel. "

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How it works

Create a digital magazine in 3 steps

1. Add your PDF
Add your PDFs to create a project.

It will go through a quick process to detect links, text, fonts and images.

We'll automatically add all the links, emails and phone numbers as hotspots to your project.

2. Customize
Add all your media and interactity.
Change your viewer style with customisable page transitions, backgrounds, colors and button icons.

You can always edit the project later to add or update features.

3. Publish
Publish online while you work on other things

Our system handles building and uploading the various versions of your publication.

Choose to upload to your own server with Flipbooks Desktop or upload to our cloud hosting using Flipbooks Online.

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Fast Conversion and Integrated Uploader

Publishing digital magazines, brochures, catalogs and books has never been so easy.

Flipbooks Online makes publishing your Digital Flipbooks easy. After you upload a PDF we read it to detect your links and text data. When you are ready to publish, our system handles the entire conversion process and outputs a unique URL that you can share on your website and social media. You can even convert multiple publications at once.

Flipbooks Desktop includes automation tools such as Hotfolder and a built-in FTP, FTPS and SFTP uploader so you can publish to your website using your existing upload tech.


Engage with your readers like never before.

Provide more value for your readers with Multimedia support and reader features such as search, text selection, notes and bookmarks.
Enhance your catalogs with our Shopping cart feature and advanced SKU code detection to automatically generate links to your store products.
Add lead acquisition sources such as links and forms to your pages.

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Device optimised reading experience

Reach more readers on more devices

PDFs have their uses and are generally considered a good experience. Readers today however expect a great experience. Flipbooks don't need to be downloaded, or have an app installed, they work on every modern device and browser and provide much more capability.
3D Issue Flipbooks include individual viewers for different classes of devices, so the experience is the best no matter if you are reading from a phone, tablet or computer.

Top it off with a suite of reader features such as Text Selection, Search, Bookmarks, Contents, Notes & Highlighting and you can cater to almost every need.

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Sharing & Embedding

Ready for sharing

The viewer has optional built-in sharing functionality to make is easier for your readers to share and spread your content.

We include descriptions and meta data in every publication. When it's time to share, you can be sure that social platforms will send the right message.

Embed publications on your website using the iFrame embed code.
(Opens a new tab on mobile)

Stats and Analytics

Access reader behavior

See how your readers engage with your content, so you know what works for your Audience.
With Google Analytics integration in addition to our custom analytics you can be sure to capture the right info.

Tag Manager provides support for other systems when you need it. It also allows you to track your own metrics as needed.

Customer Service & Support

Help when you need it

We pride ourselves on customer service where you can call, email, or engage with us through live chat. Check out some of our customer reviews.

We maintain a full Knowledge base and our team are accessible over email & screenshares for 12 hours per day.
Our team responds faster with the most accurate advice.

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