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Modern Features for the Modern web

3D Issue comes equipped with features and functionality that help you get the most from your content


3D Issue includes comprehensive media support using common web standards and services. Video and audio increases content value and user attention.

3D Issue supports MP4, Youtube and Vimeo video. Videos can be embedded directly on pages, with autoplay or launched from buttons and hotpots.
45% of internet users watch over 1 hour of video per week!
You can add audio to your publication in various forms; Background audio, autoplay on pages, play from a button and Autoplaying audio with auto-flipping pages with our Audio book feature.
Image Galleries
Image galleries can be included on pages as buttons or embedded slideshows and can include captions and clickable links for each image.
Add animated elements to your pages using HTML5 animations. Because our software allows almost any HTML, CSS and JS bundle you can even include interactive animations and respond to the user's input.


One of the main advantages of digital publishing & Flipbooks, is the level of interactivity that you can achieve. Engaging users with additional functionality is proven to boost content performance.

Web Links
Web links that let you open other webpages in either a popup within your reader or as a new browser tab. Web links can be auto-detected with every version if 3D Issue.
Email Links
Links that launch an email client with a predefined email address. Email addresses can be auto-detected with every version if 3D Issue.
Phone buttons
Buttons that can launch a phone dialer, Skype or Facetime. Phone numbers can be automatically detected with the Professional versions of 3D Issue.
Info button
The info button allows the creation of pop-ups within the reader that contain text and images, like a simplified webpage. These are useful for providing addition into to your readers.
Ad Spots
Pop-up ads that appear when a user reaches a page. Using our stats features you can add custom tracking to identify adverts in your Analytics.
Jump to page links
Link to another page within your publication. These are automatically detected by our software when the links are embedded in your PDFs. You can also configure custom link detection to read this links from your PDF text.
Social Plugins
Include your social media feeds in your publication using our social media plugins. Powered by 3D Issue content hubs.
Inlcude Forms in your publication for lead generation. Sign up to newsletters, create surveys and polls using Google Forms or integrate your existing CRM with our Forms solution.

Reader Features

Our reader delivers functionality that your users expect.

Text Selection
Unlike other solutions, 3D Issue can allow (or disallow) your readers to select, highlight and copy text from your publication.
Include an interactive contents menu with your publication. Menu items can be added automatically from your PDF or you can create them manually, pointing to page numbers or URLs.
Include a full archive or library page with your publication. Accessible from the features menu, allow your readers to browser and search your full list of back issues straight from your publications.
Search for words and phrases in your publication. Results are listed in the search pane and highlighted on pages for ease of use.
Bookmarks and Notes
Readers can bookmark pages for later. In combination with text selection and highlighting, readers can also attach notes to pages.
Clipping tool
The clipping tool allows readers to take small screenshots of page portions. These can be saved to their computer, shared to social media and sent via email. Directly from the publication.
User Login
Protect your publications with customisable User login features. Set login on start, on a page or after a timer. Integrate your existing systems with Flipbooks login using our api.
Printing Support
Allow users to print a range of pages from your Publication. Pages get printed as they would from the source PDF.

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Style, brand and tailor your publication's reading experience.

Change the background image or color of your reader to complement your publication or to be inline with your brand identity.
View Mode
Select from 3 view modes; Flip, Slide & Presentation. You can even select the behaviour on a per-device basis. Flip mode uses a Flipping book animation when pages turn, while the others use a sliding or scrolling animation.
Themes, Colors & Icons
Choose from light and dark themes, change the default button icons and customise the colors of Menus and hotspots.
Splash logo
Choose a logo to appear on your Publication's loading page. This shows briefly while your publication loads for a reader.
Intro Image
Add a clickable intro image to the reader. This is an image displayed next to your cover page. It's an image with an optional URL, so its uses are endless.
Shadows & Shading
The spine shading between pages is customisable and gives the appearance of physical pages. You can also enable drop shadows to lift pages up from the background of the reader.

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Make it easier and faster to get your content online with our workflow tools.

Integrated Uploader
Integrated FTP, SFTP & FTPS uploader allows our software to automatically upload your publications to your hosting after building.
Custom Link detection
A configurable link detection function allows our software to detect various data types in your publication and automatically generate web links from them. Examples include SKU or Product Codes in catalogs.
Team Management
Enterprise subscriptions include the ability to manage teams so you can have more than one member work on Flipbooks at the same time.
Hot folder
The hotfolder app allows 3D Issue to watch a folder on your computer for new PDFs and automatically convert and upload them.


HTML5 Web edition
3D Issue's primary output. The Web version of our publications works on all modern browsers and devices, doesn't require any plugins or extensions and is optimized for each device class currently on the market.
Webhook Publishing
With Flipbooks Online, you can implement webhooks and have your own server pull the contents for self hosting.
Using our Ebook Creator app you can convert your PDFs to EPUB and MOBI formats, the two most popular ebook formats used today.
Flipbook Viewer apps
Our unbranded apps available on the App Store & Google Play that allow your readers to save Flipbooks to their iOS and Android devices for offline reading.


Library Landing page
Build a landing page or online bookshelf for your publications. Our landing page is customisable and includes a full library search.
Translate or customise all the text that appears in your reader. Translation profiles are saved and can be applied by default to all your publications.
Link to pages
Link directly to pages within your publications, it's as simple as typing the page number!
Page Numbering offset
Set the page that your page numbering starts on. Useful if your publication page numbering begins after the cover, contents page, advert etc.
iFrame Support
Flipbooks are embeddable using iFrames, with additional support for Mobile devices using our Launch options.
Server Scripting
Enable server scripting with PHP or ASP for advanced features such as Sending emails.